Fluorination Chemistry

Fluorine can be highly advantageous in compounds throughout the chemical industry, including pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals and devices. Its presence is known to improve bioavailability, stability and lipophilicity. Hence, around 20% of pharmaceuticals and 30-40% of agrochemicals on the market contain fluorine. Since natural sources of fluoro-organic compounds are extremely rare, advances in this area are heavily reliant on synthetic chemistry.

Cheshire Organics have expertise in fluorination at all stages of a synthetic pathway – from building block synthesis to late-stage fluorination. We routinely produce a wide range of useful and highly functionalised fluorinated fine chemicals for our continually expanding catalogue. Alongside this, we provide expert consultation and highly efficient synthetic pathways for custom synthesis projects. If you require our services for fluorination projects, then we at Cheshire Organics aim to become your partner for life.

The diagram below depicts the basic strategy employed for fluorination and highlights some key reagents that we routinely manufacture and use.