Quality Control

We adhere to the highest quality levels. Our modern and comprehensive range of analytical equipment allows for rapid and accurate testing which is carried out on all starting materials, intermediates and products. Our catalogue stock items are routinely monitored for quality and are supplied with a comprehensive certificate of analysis. Custom synthesis items are made and tested to the specification requested by our clients.

Below is a list of featured analytical equipment at Cheshire Organics:

  •     Bruker AVANCE III HD 400 NMR Spectrometer
  •     Advion Expression CMS system with HPLC and Plate Express
  •     Agilent 6850 GC
  •     Agilent 6890 GC with chiral column capabilities
  •     Agilent 1100 HPLC reverse phase columns with multi wave detector
  •     Agilent 1200 HPLC reverse phase columns with diode array detector
  •     Optical Activity Polaar 3001 polarimeter
  •     Mettler Toledo MP70 video melting point system
  •     Standard wet chemistry titrations using manual methods or automated systems
  •     Mettler Toledo V20 volumetric Karl Fischer titrator

In addition to our routine quality control analysis, we are also able to carry out analytical services for our clients. A price list of these services are available on request.

Please contact us if you require further information.